Are you just starting to watch tv series? are you looking for a tv series which can be for casual watching? If yes, then you might want to start watching this amazing series: “How I met your Mother”. The genre of this this varies from comedy and romance and can range from a 20 -25 minutes set. To give you a bit of a background, this series focus on a group of friends having each with different personality and yet hanging out together at this pub called McLarens. Source of more about solarmovie.

Characters (Spoiler alert)

  • Ted Mosby: it is the character played by Josh Radnor. For each of the episodes of “How I met your Mother”, Ted is the one having a talk with his children about how he will find their mother, which gives direction for every episode.As a character, Ted is an Architect, funny, mature, good looking, bit of a nerd and always fantasize about true love.He is living with his bestfriend Marshall together with his girlfiend/bestfriend Lily. Mostly, he is the one having a hard time to find a love partner plus his love interest in the show is Robin Scherbatsky which also one of his best friend.
  • Robin Scherbatsky: the character played by CobieSmulders.She is the love interest of Ted and she is antv anchor for a news channel. She is into guns, cigar and other boy stuff, which is likely because she was raised as a son of his father.
  • Marshall Eriksen: the character played by Jason Segel. Marshall is a law student, soon to be a lawyer.He is a faithful boyfriend of Lily and in fact, Lily is the only girl in his life he had relationship with. He has a tall stature within the group but he is the smallest within his family.He is seen in the show as the sensitive person and a person that can do great in academic even when he crams.
  • Lily Aldrin: the character played by Alyson Hannigan. There are only two men that Lily had/have relation with including Marshall. She is a kindergarten teacher and has a dream of becoming a professional painter. She is a bit unreasonable sometimes, strict and most of the time she is incapable of protecting secrets but she is caring, loving, fun and she is definitely the advisor of the group.
  • Barney Stinson: the character is played by Neil Patrick Hariss. He has a mysterious job description at a firm and portrayed as a womanizer. Mostly in each episode he is the one making things extra fun and hilarious.He might have a problems with his personality but is caring towards his friends. He might be the true main man in this series (my perspective).

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