We have 2 confirmed venus for the Rick Wakeman Concerts, The Chetlenham Centaur and Blackfriars Gloucester

Blackfriars is one of the most complete Dominican priories to survive from the Middle Ages in England. The mendicant orders, established themselves across Europe in the early 13th century. They were particularly engaged with preaching and charitable work with the laity.

With various spaces around the site and a beautifully enclosed traditional
cloister garden, capacities range from 10 people in one of the smaller rooms, to
250 in the main North Range.
Cheltenham Centaur

The Centaur auditoriumQuite simply, the Centaur defines state of the art. This unique facility provides 2,600m2 of flexible
space conceived as a multi-purpose venue enhanced by sophisticated lighting and sound capabilities. Seating 2176 people, all with unrestricted view, this is a marvelous concert facility.

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